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Land Reclamation
No 43 (1)

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ADAMOWSKI J. HALBE J.: Participatory Water Resources Planning and Management in an Agriculturally Intensive Watershed in Quebec, Canada using Stakeholder Built System Dynamics Models

BRANDYK A.: Ground water fed system restoration on the area of Przemkowsko -Przec³awskie Wetlands

CHORMANSKI J., OKKE B.: Application of the WetSpa distributed hydrological model for catchment with significant contribution of organic soil. Upper Biebrza case study

HEJDUK A., BANASIK K.: Recorded lag times of snowmelt events in a small catchment

HADAM A., WROCHNA A., KARACZUN Z.: Effect of hydrogel on the turf grass species growing under salt stress

KAZNOWSKA E., BANASIK K.: Streamflow droughts and probability of their occurrence in a small agricultural catchment

SAWA K., HEJDUK L., DEELSTRA J., ØYGARDEN L.: Nutrient output from rural areas on the example of two catchments Skuterud and Zago¿d¿onka

VÁCHALOVÁ R., MATÌJKOVÁ Š., VÁCHAL J., PÁRTLOVÁ P., DUMBROVSKÝ M., JURÍK L.: Evaluation methods of agricultural land potential including environmental function

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